Help for those in need

Padre Wasson always promoted sharing with those in need and hated bureaucratic structures. He acted. One of his mottos was “do it now!” The Padre Wasson Foundation likewise provides support to individuals and projects as our resources permit. Our current focus is family support and education for the grown-ups of Padre Wasson’s family and their children, the alumni.

Emergency aid

A major earthquake struck Haiti at 8:29 a.m. local time on August 14, 2021. The quake had a magnitude of 7.2 MW. At least 2,207 people died as a result of the quake…


Education is a basic human right. Padre Wasson knew what UNICEF describes: “Without quality education, children face considerable barriers to employment and earning potential later in life…

Family Support

Children often “happen” without being “planned”, whether in rich or in poor countries. But nevertheless we experience parents go out of their way to support their children and provide a home, food and education…

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Some ideas we don’t dare to put on our agenda. At least not now. The current tasks are already overwhelming and stretch our time limits…


Writing our own story.


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A big THANK YOU to all our partners, the Wasson family and all benefactors and friends for your donations, support and services!


296 donations – received in the first two years. 70.000 Euros – in donations and grants until today. 6 grants – given for Haiti in 2021…


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