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We love volunteers! There is merit that most organizations spend a substantial amount of money in their structure, administration and fundraising. After all, they still have a way better social outcome than any commercial business. But for now, at the Padre Wasson Foundation, we rely on volunteers. One reason for doing so is the huge imbalance of salaries. For one salary here, we could employ 10 to 20 people elsewhere. How to you justify a salary here when you work with peers that earn so little? We do not know the answer. But we are volunteers.

Thankfully some people are able to dedicate time to our cause. Sometimes even as a social activity supported by their employer. And here are the opportunities we can offer to volunteers:


  • Be a fundraiser. There are many ways to tell others about our global family and the individual needs of our sisters and brothers we can support. 


  • Post and comment on social media. Almost every day there are new stories but we haven’t gotten to the point of telling them. They are mostly good stories, you can read some in our blog. But we need help to do this better. 


  • Help us with our website and all the related online tasks. Be it design, text, SEO, legal requirements, system updates etc. We embrace you if you can contribute your expertise in one of these areas.  


  • Be a volunteer at our office (online or offline). Our work involves accounting, reporting, email and mail communication with our friends and donors, coordination with overseas or assisting our students. 


  • Take charge of a specific project, become a mentor to a student or a family (may require English, Spanish or French). 


If you like to share some of your time with us, give us a call or send a message. We will be happy to explore the best options together with you. Your contribution will help to improve our work.

(We always ensure that any personal information is always kept safe and within the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations.)

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