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Give to the endowment

You want to create a large impact or over a long time? You can make a contribution to our foundation endowment (German: Zustiftung). Choose the option that suits you best:  
A. donation (for immediate use)  

B. contribution to the endowment for use over 10 years (we may use up to 10% per year) 

C. lasting contribution to the endowment (your gift remains forever and we use the annual interest or revenue)

Your gift can be in money or other assets, now or as part of your will/legacy.  

As with every gift, you may choose to contribute to what is most needed or let us know if you have any specific request about the use of your contribution.  

Need more information? Our director will be happy to provide it to you. Give him a call or write to 

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Leave a legacy

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Share your time

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Share your money

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