What we do and why

One of Padre Wasson’s early volunteers explained “What makes this family go, is love. It’s love!” 

Love sells (so does violence, unfortunately). The word “love” is over-loaded and over-used in many ways. What Padre Wasson meant with “love” is what the Greek describe as “agape”. The ancient Greek were smart in describing different kinds of love. Agape describes the parental type of love that is selfless, seeks to preserve relationship and foster development of another person.  

You are invited to find out about the foundation of our work, the reasoning and the mission. And we will be happy if you like to embrace what we do and share in this agape love that produces the sense of purpose and happiness in life.


Purpose (why)

We believe that family is the core community for every human being. At the end of his life, Padre Wasson called to “stay united”…

Foundation (what)

The Father Wasson Foundation grew out of a project that we started together with the family that Father Wasson founded…

Sauce (how)

There is a special sauce in what we do. Padre Wasson Foundation is a family more than it is an institution. We are connected to each other…


The story of our global family began in 1953 when Fr. William Wasson is ordained in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and assigned to a chapel in the market…

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