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“Come and see” was Padre Wasson’s invitation. He knew, the person only had to visit one of the homes and be deeply touched. Obviously, it is not that easy or possible for everyone to travel to Latin America. In that case, he would carry some photos and show those. As a proverb says: a picture tells more than a thousand words.  

The second-best experience we can offer you is to watch the movie a Dutch film-maker gave to Padre Wasson as a gift. Padre Wasson loved that movie. 

Padre Wasson

Born on December 21, 1923 in Phoenix, Arizona, Fr. William Wasson was always concerned with the needs of the poor. He received his MA in law and social sciences at San Luis Rey University, Santa Barbara, California. He then traveled to Mexico…

 And here is a story that shows what we do to strengthen our family bond: When Padre Wasson passed away, we sent this movie on DVD to the donors in Germany. We received over 6000 replies of condolences with personal messages. What a testimony of community! We pasted them to ten albums, one for every children’s home and one remained at the office. That way the children can see how their family extends even all over Germany. Can you imagine the sense of security of an orphan when proven that hundreds of people care? Even beyond the death of the founder – their father. It was a very strong message in a very crucial moment. And it shows how you can mean a lot to children far away, just as you can to a person next to you. 

On the following pages you can experience our family from different perspectives. Let us know what you think. 


The idea of the Padre Wasson Foundation developed since the anniversary of Padre Wasson’s passing in August 2020. On his birthday in December 2020, his friends and benefactors Traudel & Gerd Graefe started the foundation…


When members of Padre Wasson’s extended family visit each other, there is an immediate bond even if they never met before. “Mi casa es tu casa” – my home is your home – is put to action...


The Foundation Council (Board of trustees) usually meet every three month, and more often if necessary. In year one we were able to set the foundation’s goals, worked on many issues, expressed our solidarity…

Alumni & extended family

People who have gone through difficult times try to overcome them. For them, it is especially important to be in the present, in the “here and now” instead of in the past. Almost all of Father Wasson’s “children” have gone through a sad history…


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