A home for Padre Wasson

The idea of the Padre Wasson Foundation developed since the anniversary of Padre Wasson’s passing in August 2020. On his birthday in December 2020, his friends and benefactors Traudel & Gerd Graefe started the foundation. Immediately, a number of co-founders joined in. It was a successful start! The founder’s son Stefan was appointed as trustee to manage the foundation. 

We named the foundation “Padre Wasson Foundation”. Back in 1984, Padre Wasson founded “Unsere kleinen Brüder und Schwestern” (Our Little Brothers and Sisters) in Germany, which Stefan built up and managed for decades. This organization is now called “NPH Children’s Aid Latin America” and focuses on fundraising. We want to keep the family idea and the cooperation with the people in Latin America alive. Therefore we will revive the philosophy of Padre Wasson with the foundation, support the work of NPH and add to it. 

The foundation is internationally active. But the location in Germany fits well, because Padre Wasson had a special connection to Germany.  

The Foundation is accompanied by the Board of Trustees. The psychologist Joseph Ferdinand from Haiti and the therapist Alejandra Garcia Bühler are founding members on the Foundation Board. We are happy to have with them a great connection to Latin America, to NPH and the challenges on the ground. 

You can be a co-founder too! Make a contribution to our foundation endowment. Choose the option that suits you best:  

A. Donation (for immediate use)  
B. Contribution to the endowment for use over 10 years (we may use up to 10% per year) 

C. Lasting contribution to the endowment (your gift remains forever and we use the annual interest or revenue)

You gift can be in money or other assets, now or as part of your will/legacy.  
Let us know if you have any specific request about the use of your contribution.

Founders & co-founders

Alejandra Garcia Buehler

Amutha Schnepf

Annette & Achim Brill

Bastian Lohrengel

Benjamin Brill

Benjamin Gutmann

Cordula Arteaga

David Rahaeuser

Dieuné Lafrance

Edeltraud & Gerhard Graefe

Frank Schliewert

Frank Zerban

Jan Uekermann

Joseph Ferdinand

Jürgen Kolberg

Marco Brill

Rüdiger Lang

Sarah Kolberg

Simone Watzl

Stefan Graefe

Thanikai Kumaran Herold


Meet the rest of the family…


When members of Padre Wasson’s extended family visit each other, there is an immediate bond even if they never met before. “Mi casa es tu casa” – my home is your home – is put to action...

Alumni & extended family

People who have gone through difficult times try to overcome them. For them, it is especially important to be in the present, in the “here and now” instead of in the past. Almost all of Father Wasson’s “children” have gone through a sad history…


The Foundation Council (Board of trustees) usually meet every three month, and more often if necessary. In year one we were able to set the foundation’s goals, worked on many issues, expressed our solidarity…


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