One of a kind

When members of Padre Wasson’s extended family visit each other, there is an immediate bond even if they never met before. “Mi casa es tu casa” – my home is your home – is put to action. There is no country boundary, this happens independent from any nationality or origin. The sisterly or brotherly bond is immanent even across borders. While for us this seems normal, it is often a surprise to “outside” people who witness such family encounters. What happens next is, that we invite them in.  

Our family is open, you can join it. As a sister or brother, an aunt or uncle, a grandmother or grandfather. There is no formal process, we issue no membership cards, we are not a religious group. But your thoughts and prayers, your support and dialogue are essential for us, for the development of the family and also for our foundation. Your encouragement to those who struggle, your caring for the one you love. Because it is not a structure, but our attitude and actions that build community. 

We embrace all ages. We believe in the benefit of a mix of generations. To the extend that Padre Wasson started a home for the elderly in Honduras and was about to take charge of one in Nicaragua. He responded to a need, because while he was getting older, he noticed that many seniors were just as abandoned as the kids he would take in. So they became part of the family and added to the hundreds of thousands who were already part as benefactors, donors and godparents. The elderly are grandparents to the children and the children grandchildren to the elderly. One of the visions we have is to engage more actively in connecting the generations that way. 

And yet, there is something special, something magical about the thousands of sisters and brothers that Padre Wasson brought together. The principles he instilled in our family. And as a result, we give hugs, we make mistakes, we have fun, we pray together, we give second chances, we dream, we get messy, we share, we have dinner, we respect, we encourage and above all: we love.  

Welcome to family.

Meet the rest of the family…

Alumni & extended family

People who have gone through difficult times try to overcome them. For them, it is especially important to be in the present, in the “here and now” instead of in the past. Almost all of Father Wasson’s “children” have gone through a sad history…


The Foundation Council (Board of trustees) usually meet every three month, and more often if necessary. In year one we were able to set the foundation’s goals, worked on many issues, expressed our solidarity…


You are essential. This text is written for you, this page is made for you. Your feedback makes us improve, your support makes us grow. Your sharing spreads hope and happiness (which returns to you)

Padre Wasson

Born on December 21, 1923 in Phoenix, Arizona, Fr. William Wasson was always concerned with the needs of the poor. He received his MA in law and social sciences at San Luis Rey University, Santa Barbara, California. He then traveled to Mexico…

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