Share your money

A monetary donation is the most common way to share. Money is universal and converts into what is most needed or what you prefer to support. 

Here are a few examples what you may want to choose to support with any amount that suits your wallet:  

  • A monthly stipend for a school child in Honduras is around 100 Euros/Dollars. 

  • Our university stipends vary from 150 to 550 Euros/Dollars a month. i.e. 1.800 Euros/Dollars enable a student in Nicaragua to study all year.  

  • School clothing is mandatory in Latin America and lasts about a year. A set is 180 Euros/Dollars.  

  • Sometimes families are short in income to pay their rent. 60 Euros/Dollars can save them not to lose their home.

  • Sometimes 20 Euros/Dollars are enough to buy medication, food or pay for an ID card. 


We value every donation. Many small amounts can make up bigger amounts.  

If you’d like to support a specific project, then please contact us. 

Meanwhile you can donate in two ways:  

By transfer to our bank account

Padre Wasson Foundation
IBAN DE19661900000000797979
Volksbank Karlsruhe eG


With PayPal (also debit/credit card)

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