Purpose (why)

The driving force of family

We believe that family is the core community for every human being. Padre Wasson created a family for those who have lost their original family, he called it an extended family. At the end of his life, he called us to “stay united”. United families foster inner growth, faith, happiness and positive development on all levels for the individual, the family, the wider community and entire societies. Our focus is on those we call descendants of Padre Wasson. Thousands who grew up in his extended family and their children and grand-children. And they way they live family. Padre Wasson had great visions how his model would spread beyond the original orphans’ homes into other families, groups and communities. To keep spreading this vision and to put it into action is our contribution to make this world a better place for all life on earth.   

“It is surprising what you can to in a life-time, if you do it one step at a time” 
Padre Wasson 

In our family, we also understand the special bond that exists between sisters and brothers, parents and children and we know, because we have seen it with our own eyes, that the children who are given security and love are the ones who will thrive in the world of tomorrow. 

That‘s why our mandate has never been clearer and more imperative. We are trying to ensure that every member of our family has the chance to belong, to be cared for and embraced, to experience the bond of brotherly and sisterly affection and to know that they have a place in the world. 

Because only when we are able to see ourselves through the eyes of others, can we truly know who we are and how much we have to give. And we are this family: the world’s first global family, the children of Padre Wasson. 
Feeling like family rather than an institution is a core principle to us, and applying this approach, we are reinventing the way we deliver support: by doing it together, as a family!  

Find out how you and maybe even your own family, community or work team can benefit.  

Love more…

Sauce (how)

There is a special sauce in what we do. Padre Wasson Foundation is a family more than it is an institution. We are connected to each other…

Foundation (what)

The Father Wasson Foundation grew out of a project that we started together with the family that Father Wasson founded…


The story of our global family began in 1953 when Fr. William Wasson is ordained in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and assigned to a chapel in the market…


One of Padre Wasson’s early volunteers explained “What makes this family go, is love. It’s love!”…

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