Ideas to come

Some ideas we don’t dare to put on our agenda. At least not now. The current tasks are already overwhelming and stretch our time limits. But who knows, maybe you are the person who would like to explore such a new project or you know someone who would. Provided with the means, we can tackle the rest! And if you are a visionary, let’s dream together: 


Family child care centers 

One of the studies Padre Wasson’s family offers in Mexico is called “puericultura” – childcare! That means the very same children of Padre Wasson’s family study child care. Who would be better suited to look after children than those who grew up in a family that is all about child care from day one you enter and has degree in child care? The idea we have is to create a brand name for loving child care facilities, like day care centers or cribs where you can leave your child during work hours or while shopping in a mall. This would create work and internship opportunities while we apply the philosophy of our extended family to other children and families. And maybe if they are convinced, they will support us too.  


MyGoodShop – Shop online what is needed and we buy it locally 

We used to have it, but we lost it for stupid reasons. The one-of-a-kind shop where anyone anywhere could make designated donations of any size. And all of the related work would be done at the beneficiary side and create high quality jobs rather than adding to overhead in the affluent countries. Fully transparent, highly respectful communication across countries and cultures, proof to the donors about the use of their money and personal relationship with those applying the benefits. We know how it works. To program and run such a system again may cost in the range of 200.000 dollars.    


Retirement homes 

A charity in Turkey does this and it is a beautiful win-win situation for all: Senior house-owners and orphaned children come together as grandparents and grandchildren (we know this from Padre Wasson’s home in Honduras). In Turkey, the house-owners trade in their house for a guaranteed life-long care plan by the organization. There, some of these houses are even used as retirement homes. You can imagine that such a project needs a lot of planning and preparation and a solid structure in order to provide such guarantees. But every great project started with a first step. 


To be continued… 

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Padre Wasson always promoted sharing with those in need and hated bureaucratic structures. He acted. One of his mottos was “do it now!” 

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