What we do

Build an archive for research and develop the future

We are building an online museum by gathering the existing materials and documents about Padre Wasson and how he described his philosophy. But also how others described it, like Erich Fromm. From that starting point we will scientifically analyze how this philosophy can be applied today in our society. This is a long-term project.

Apply available funds to urgent needs and social change

Padre Wasson was a very practical person and always creative, quick and non-bureaucratic in solving pressing problems and needs. Honoring his memory, the Padre Wasson Foundation does likewise and supports individuals, projects or programs that match our constitutional aims.

Our work in practice

In April 2021 a young doctor from Central America involuntarily witnessed a homicide and was persecuted over several days by the criminals wanting to eliminate him. Our immediate support in organizing his evacuation was his only way out of this traumatizing experience into safety and a new future. Sadly, such cases happen a lot where crime outnumbers or overrules police force.

One focus in Padre Wasson’s actions was to provide education

Education will lead my children out of the poverty they were born in.

Padre William Wasson

Thanks to the initial donations on the occasion of our starting in December 2020, just a few weeks later we had already supported different individuals from Haiti, Nicaragua and El Salvador to achieve their medical training. In addition, we followed a request to help fund the school at the special needs program of Our Little Brothers and Sisters (Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs) in Haiti.

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