Solidarity with Haiti 

The recent earthquake presents a new challenge for our sisters and brothers in Haiti. The main quake destroyed houses killing hundreds. But the after-quakes force everyone to stay outside, the few clinics are treating patients in courtyards or in the street. The mean thing is, you never know when the next quake will hit and how strong it will be. And worse: a tropical storm is on its way to exactly the same region, bringing with it the prospect of huge amounts of rain and flooding. Our friends work there for local charities providing emergency aid. They explained the importance of every sign of solidarity. It means so much for a person struck by disaster to know that there are hands reaching out to get over it together. Someone helping to remove rubble and look for victims. To provide drinking water, something to eat or someone who listens. And material to rebuild homes. As Padre Wasson said: we find happiness only in the service to others. People in Haiti are incredibly strong and resilient. Imagine what is possible, if we join forces. That’s what we do and we invite you to participate.


Parallels to Germany

Very recently we reached out to people whose house had been destroyed by the floods in Germany. Disasters are universal and make people suffer. But the facilities to deal with them are totally different. In Germany, the communities, their services like fire fighters, garbage logistics, red cross and thousands of volunteers took a few days to get organized with lots of donations and public money. In Haiti, most of these services do not exist. Let alone hospitals to address the medical needs. I never before experienced such a direct comparison. It motivates me even more to share with the people in Haiti. Wonderful people living in a beautiful part of our planet, but hindered by hundreds of years of western exploitation – sadly, still today. Let’s set signs against that.


Stefan Graefe, Trustee
Padre Wasson Foundation

Donations applied 100% to the cause

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The Padre Wasson Foundation is in touch with our different contacts in Haiti in order to provide direct support. Since we are all volunteers, every donation will be applied 100% to the cause. Donations are tax-deductible according to the local regulations: we provide tax-receipts for Germany. Please contact us for any questions. Thank you!


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