Discover how a group of alumni in Mexico came together to form an association, relying on a chat-group to communicate and support each other through medical needs and bereavement costs.


In Mexico, a group of alumni organized themselves into an association last year. With approximately 70 members, communication primarily takes place via a chat-group. While most of the messages call for assistance in covering medical treatment costs through donations, there’s also an increasing need to support families during times of bereavement and funeral expenses.

 It’s a realization that the strong cohorts from the 1960s at “Our Little Sisters & Brothers” are now the ones facing health issues or passing away due to age-related reasons. If they came to the family at around 10 years old, they would be around 70 years old today, which aligns with the average life expectancy for men in Mexico. Back then, Padre Wasson was admitting a new group of children almost every week.

 Adding to the complexity, several younger “big brothers & sisters” are also contending with their own physical health challenges. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, a member of our group who is a medical doctor has offered invaluable recommendations for health screenings and preventive measures. We’ve also incorporated information about fostering healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices into our support network.

 Through these collective efforts, we strive to not only provide assistance during times of need but also to empower each other to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Several “big brothers & sisters” around the age of 50 struggle with their physical health. A medical doctor who is a member of the group, provided recommendations for health screening and prevention measures. We added information about healthy nutrition and life style.

 This alumni association’s journey highlights the enduring bonds formed at “our Little Sisters & Brothers” and how alumni continue to support each other, even decades after leaving the organization. Through platforms like WhatsApp, they’re able to stay connected and help when needed, embodying the spirit of Padre Wasson’s vision for a caring community.

Julia Peña 6.2.24

Alejandro Martinez Lopez 5.1.1978-11.1.2024
Cira García Meraz 16.6.1972 – 4.1.2024

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