Andrea and her parents visibly happy about her excellent grades and the confidence that one day they will have a better life.

Since the middle of the year we have taken over the processing of scholarships for school children from three families in Honduras. dr Georg Schröder, a doctor in southern Germany, initiated this and motivated his circle of friends to donate. Gerardo Mejia, single father, takes care of the distribution and arrangements on site. His latest report also has news for you:

“We are three favored families, we have been united since childhood because we are orphans, we never had a father or mother because our parents died young, we grew up in an institution called our little sisters and brothers , the three of us met there as children and we always supported each other in our needs. We would like to thank all the people who support the Padre Wasson Foundation because your support allows our children to study and become good people for our country.”

Gerardo Mejía

 This group is one of many who, as adults, help each other as best they can. We love these testimonies that show how well Padre Wasson’s concept of family can carry beyond his own lifetime. For many reasons, many parents fail to give their children what they need. But it works much better together, as the example of Andrea shows, who is happy to present her testimony. We transfer around 100 euros a month to cover their school fees.

It is precisely such exemplary communities of “big sisters and brothers” and their children that we want to strengthen.

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