Frantzy here with son Oliver and wife Wouseline. While the prosthesis isn’t the implant needed (it’s a lot more expensive) it’s a huge improvement and Frantzy’s smile is a reflection of a healing soul.

Frantzy Joseph and Moise Frechette both grew up in Padre Wasson’s family in Haiti. Frantzy had lost two front teeth a long time ago, so he never smiled again. Moise became a dentist and wrote on his office wall: “Your smile reflects your health”. And that’s exactly the smile he was able to give Frantzy with a prosthesis after we received a donation for it.

His laughter and this beautiful family photo are all the more beautiful when you consider the catastrophic reality in Haiti as Frantzy describes it to us:

“It is not good for us in Haiti at all, the situation is getting worse every day. Armed gangs are roaming the country, the gangs are multiplying every day, insecurity is spreading, there is almost nothing to buy in the market. There is no petrol, banks only open their doors two days a week, supermarkets are almost empty, students cannot go to school, buses do not run because of the petrol problem and those that do do double their prices. This is sad for Haiti.”

“It’s really difficult at the moment but me and Wouseline are trying really hard to find ways to care for Oliver.

I used to go to the Francisville pasta factory a lot. But not now, during the fuel crisis, because it never operated, there was no flour. Yesterday they bought some flour so we can work on Monday.

At Wouseline, they closed the clinic because there was no profit. But her boss opened a hotel last week, so they called her and she started working, but only three days a week.

I also do other jobs to earn money. As you know, Wouseline is a pastry chef and she sometimes gets orders to prepare dishes for a party.

That’s how we get by. Yes, that’s how we do it.”

Franzy Joseph

In Haiti, rent is due annually. The two have managed to save the equivalent of over 300 euros. Although it’s not quite enough (we want to help a little), it’s very significant.

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