Angel Josue measuring his work clothes for his internship last Friday.

Dalila Tes writes from Guatemala after thanking her for taking care of our future as a mother of two:

“Yes, thank you, the children are the best thing that has happened to me in my life, as are the people who accompany me in everything.”

Dalila Tes

Our Board of Trustees had decided to pay for the compulsory clothing that her older son Angel Josue will need for his internship starting in January. That was 1,500 quetzales (186 euros) for a suit with two trousers and two shirts and a tie. I find your answer to my question why you don’t go to a department store interesting:

“There are already shops in the capital that sell ready-made clothes. But they are very expensive. We don’t have that here in our town. Shops like this don’t have all sizes, especially not for children. Here it is much cheaper to have the clothes tailored.”

I also regularly support Dalila in persuading the children’s father to pay child support and in maintaining contact with the children. I don’t know how I got into this role, but somehow it works.

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