In 2019, we became aware of the young man who described to us his wonderful-beauti- ful motivation why he wants to become a doctor. He lives with his parents and two sis- ters in a very simple house near the Panamericana. They have some land where they have planted fruit trees and keep chickens. The father works as a security guard and bought the house with a loan for $2000 after the old wooden dwelling was hit by a fall- ing tree in a storm. The family cannot afford to send their children to college, but we have been able to arrange matching donations so far. We are also mentoring Lennard and have financed a laptop for him, which he was able to buy second-hand locally. So he can finally do his study tasks, presentations and research independently from the inter- net cafe.

Since 2020, a scholarship from Germany has enabled him to study at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua. In the fall, nph Kinderhilfe thankfully announced that they would cover the costs. The Padre Wasson Foundation was able to provide him with a laptop, which he urgently needed for his studies.

Lennard regularly tells us about his academic success and what makes us especially happy: his two younger sisters Brandy and Zela are also motivated to study after school. All three are “children” of Father Wasson in the second generation and went to school in “Casa Padre Wasson”.

Lennard, Brandy, the mother Reyna and Zela at Brandy’s graduation ceremony.

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