of success and happiness

How do you measure success? Is it the number of people we served? Or the amount of money we received and put to the good cause?  

We like to refer to personal development as success. One child at a time. Our success stories are very personal ones. I remember a therapist telling me with frustration, that her director did not see the success. The director wanted to see numbers. And she told him: “Look, this child is speaking now! And that child is following classes at school!” Both were success stories after months of working with a child that did not speak or with a student who was unable to sit and listen”.  

You may only be one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
Padre Wasson 

The investment you can see in numbers is when we spend money. What is more difficult to see is the time we spend mentoring youth or parents. Sometimes a little piece of information can turn around a life and create happiness. Sometimes we spend days with family members in tragic situations. Some stories remain private, not all of those we work with – or those who work with us – want to be presented. We respect that.  

Our success stories usually produce happiness. And we hope, they make you happy too! Let us know.

Happy Birthday Dr. Schröder!

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